Kickstarter: Snuglet Keeps your MacBook Power Cable Connected

Here's another interesting project from Kickstarter, the Snuglet. This little ring keeps your MagSafe 2 adapter from too easily disconnecting from your MacBook. This seems to be a common problem since Apple switched to the new connector on recent notebooks.

I saw this project on Kickstarter earlier on the week and made a note to come back to it, but it seems to have taken off in popularity. The initial backers were able to get a set of two Snuglets for a contribution of $12 but those models are "sold out." Now, for a contribution of $19 or more you will receive a set of two gold-plated Snuglets and one removal tool and free shipping to the United States. Estimated delivery is September, 2013.

I suppose it's possible Apple may fix the problem by then by shipping slightly larger connectors. But for all of us stuck with older connectors, the Snuglet is a simple and ellegant way to solve a frustrating problem.