LaunchBar 6 and Alfred

Todd Oltoff was a guest on MPU 189 to talk about OS X Server. He’s also an accomplished screen caster and recently has released a screencast comparing the new LaunchBar 6 to Alfred 2.

I have a long history with application launchers. LaunchBar was my first love, but I switched to Alfred 2 when it was released. I’ve been using the new LaunchBar 6 since it was in beta and I’ve now made the switch back to LaunchBar. Part of it is simply personal preference and the new interface, but I also feel with the release of version 6 the features of LaunchBar have matured to the point where they are now on par with or in some areas exceed Alfred 2.

David and I are planning to do a comprehensive launcher show featuring LaunchBar, Alfred and the new Spotlight after OS X Yosemite is released. For now you can review our prior Mac Power Users episodes on LaunchBar and Alfred 2and check out Todd’s Screencast.