Locking Down Facebook

I've been giving some serious thought lately about my "social media presence." Over the last year or so I've opened up the privacy settings on my Facebook page, allowed people to subscribe to my feed, accepted friend requests from people I really don't know or would otherwise consider acquaintances and started generally using the platform in a much more public way and as a promotional tool. People who are a lot smarter than I have started abandoning the platform all together or significantly restricting their profiles due to privacy concerns. I'm about to join them. I'm not leaving Facebook completely, it's still one of the best ways to keep in touch with friends and family members from afar, see how their kids are growing up and learning what's going on in their lives. But for me, Facebook is going to become a much more private network.

In the coming month, I will begin the process of locking down my Facebook profile. You'll already see that links to it are gone from this site and I will no longer be re-publishing blog posts on my personal page. Soon I will also disable my subscription feed and my public posts. Regrettably, I will also begin "unfriending" (that's such a bad word) people who I do not personally know. If you are unfriended, please do not take offense. Similarly, I will not be accepting friend requests from people I do not actually know.

Don't fret, are still plenty of ways we can connect. I am becoming more active on this blog and this will remain the central place where you can find all things related to my public online presence. I will also continue to be involved on Twitter and I will maintain the public Mac Power Users page on Facebook and interact with people there.

Thanks for your understanding.