Luminid Touch and Flash Lightning Cable

The past couple weeks I’ve been playing with the Luminid Touch and Flash Lightning Cablefrom Swell. (Amazon) This is an MFI approved lightning cable that has a built-in capacitive touch light in the head of the cable. When you grab the cable, the small LED light in the head will light up and provide enough light to see what you’re doing. When you put the cable down, the light turns off.

I charge my iPhone and iPad by my bedside at night and many times will plug the devices in after I’ve already turned off the lights for the evening. Even with the lightning cable being universal, this can cause some fumbling which the LED light avoids. Sewell also makes a light-up model for micro-USB cables which is nice because I have trouble fumbling with those cables even in full daylight - plugging in devices to charge at night is almost impossible.

My only wish is that the cable came in a longer version. The cable is a standard 3’ (about 91 cm) length. If you’re plugging it in behind a night stand it you may have trouble reaching outlets that are further away. My contact at Sewell says they’re talking about a longer version.

It’s a simple solution to a common problem - I like that. I’m going to pick up a few more as stocking stuffers before mine disappears.