Mac Power Users 180: MPU Live: Automation, Email, iPad at School, Tips & More

Last week David and I recorded our first episode of MPU Live. This is a new type of show for Mac Power Users where on the first Saturday of the month, we will record a special show devoted to the listeners featuring your feedback, answering questions and highlighting your workflows. You can find more information here.

We ran into a few bumps with the live stream this episode but will do our best to have it sorted out for our next live show on April 5th. For those who can’t make it live, we will always post the audio in our regular podcast feed the week following the show. This week we tackled a number of topics including various automation tricks, tips for going back to school with an iPad, managing PDFs, a discussion of email best practices and more.

You can contribute to the show by sending your audio comments (keep them brief and on-topic!) to

You can find the show on the MPU site or subscribe in iTunes or via RSS.