Mac Power Users 194: Workflows with Tom Merritt

It was such a thrill this week to be able to talk to Tom Merritt on Mac Power Users. I’ve been following Tom’s podcasting career since 2004 when Buzz Out Loud was one of the very first podcasts I subscribed to. At that time I was in my first year of law school and feeling pretty overwhelmed, alone and out of place. Every night, usually as I was making dinner and winding down for the evening, I listened to Buzz Out Loud. No matter what had happened that day, I knew that when I came home I could listen to that show and it was like coming home each night to talk tech with old friends.

Buzz Out Loud had a long run and got me through law school and my first chaotic years of practice as a young attorney. The show ended but Tom has continued on now as an independent podcaster with a number of shows. We chat with him about his podcasting career, going independent, working form home and more.

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