On Mac Power Users Move to Relay.fm

Today on Mac Power Users David and I announced we’re moving the show to Relay.fm. Being asked to join 5by5 was a great honor and I will always be grateful for the opportunities being affiliated with the 5by5 network afforded us. But for the show to continue to grow, it is time to do something new. Mac Power Users has always been, and remains, an independent show. David and I considered producing the show ourselves but after talking with Myke and Stephen we couldn’t help but be impressed. Many of my favorite podcasts are on Relay and I’m honored to be joining the Relay.fm family.

There are a few technical changes our listeners should be aware of. Episode 253 will be the last show published on 5by5. The current feed will be redirected but this can cause problems so we ask everyone to take a moment subscribe to our new RSS feed. Once subscribed to the new feed you can delete the old one. This ensures you won’t miss an episode and avoids duplicate downloads. Subscribe to our new feed at: http://www.relay.fm/mpu/feed and if you need help, I made a Clarify tutorial.

We have already moved all our content to Relay.fm. Myke and Stephen have been incredibly accommodating and even re-written portions of the Relay site to optimize it for MPU’s back catalogue. All 253 episodes of Mac Power Users, shownotes and all, now live at relay.fm/mpu and within the next few days will be fully searchable. The macpowerusers.com domain will remain active during the transition but will soon redirect to relay.fm/mpu which will be the podcast’s new home on the web.

Otherwise, things will remain largely the same. We’ll be producing the same great content, just on a new network. Live shows will continue on the first Saturday of the month at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern on the Relay.fm live channel. (Note this month it will be May 9th due to my travel schedule) and we’ve got an awesome lineup of shows queued up for our launch on Relay. I believe some of our best work is ahead.

Lastly, I have to thank Dan, Haddie and everyone at 5by5 for all their support, especially during our transition to Relay. I wish Dan and his team all the best, it’s been a great run.