Mac Power Users on 5by5

You may have head the announcement on episode 54 of Mac Power Users that the show is moving to the 5by5 network. David and I are excited and humbled to be joining ranks with Dan Benjamin and his content producers. If you haven’t had an opportunity yet to check out the shows on 5by5, you must. Many of my favorite podcast are distributed and/or produced by 5by5. This is the network of Merlin Mann, John Gruber, John Siracusa, Marco Arment and many others. Mac Power Users joining this prestigious group is an honor and a privilege. So, what changes with the show? David and I still maintain ownership and control, the concept and format remain the same. From a technical and logistical standpoint, 5by5 will take over some heavy lifting with hosting and distribution. If you’re a current subscriber, the transition should be seamless, the RSS feeds and iTunes feed will stay the same. The move to 5by5 also means that we have access to really smart people working behind the scenes to help as needed with the production and technical aspects of the show.

Moving to 5by5 also brings greater exposure to our show and David and I plan to rise to the occasion. We’re working to improve our audio quality, bring in new custom music and “5by5ize” our logo. We adore MPU logo designed by the talented Darren Rolfe and will forever be indebted to him for his hard work and for allowing us to take the logo with us to 5by5. The now “vintage logo” will still be available on gear from our Cafépress store for a couple more weeks. So if you want something, better get it while it’s available.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Mac Power Users and David and I would like to thank our listeners and sponsors for their support. When we started this podcast two and a half years ago we never would have imagined being where we are today. Every year Mac Power Users had grown bigger and better and we look forward to continued success on the 5by5 network.

For now, we’re keeping with our regular distribution schedule of the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. Look for our first show to release on the 5by5 network sometime this weekend.