Mac Roundtable Live at Macworld 2011 (Video)

Mac Roundtable LogoOnce again this year I had the privilege of participating in the Mac Roundtable podcast live at Macworld Conference and Expo. As a special treat this year, the folks from IDG and teamed up to offer live streaming and video recording of the Macworld Live sessions. In this episode, the Roundtable discusses the future and the evolution of the Mac Operating System and iOS. Unfortunately, the video from the Mac Power Users Podcast David and I did was lost. I'm working on cleaning up the audio from the Mac Power Users session "Back to Backup" and it will be released as a regular podcast episode in the Mac Power Users feed next week.

You can also view a YouTube version of Macworld's video. You can also download the show as a podcast from or subscribe to the Mac Roundtable Podcast in iTunes.