MacBook Air PalmGuard Protector

I’ve talked a lot about the new MacBook recently and how it potentially impacts my plans to upgrade my Mid–2012 MacBook Air. I still find myself conflicted, so I’ve decided for now the best course of action is to do nothing. 

However, I am going to be buying an Apple Watch, so I do need to prepare. I currently wear a watch but I’ve found that I tend to take it off and set it next to my keyboard when I’m typing on my MacBook Air. My current watch has a metal band and I’m afraid constantly rubbing the watch against the palm rest will scratch the surface. Since I don’t want to take my Apple Watch on and off when I type so I decided to pickup Moshi PalmGuard protector for my 13" MacBook Air. 

A quick search on Amazon will yield several results, but I picked up the Moshi PalmGuard For MacBook Air. (Other sizes available here and here - double check your fit.) It wasn’t the cheapest of the group, but I’ve used Moshi products in the past, had a good experience and it had positive reviews.

Installation was easy, just peel the back and apply it like a sticker. I found the cut and fit was precise and it feels like a high quality product. You do want to take your time and apply it with care to get a good fit. The color is close but not a perfect match to the aluminum. When sitting at the computer you can clearly tell the palm guard is applied, but from a distance it becomes less noticeable. It’s I choose not to apply the guard to the trackpad since I was concerned with protecting the palm rest area. It’s classy and seems to get the job done.