MacBook Pro with Retina display: Do not use palm rest or keycap covers - Apple Support

blogged previously about a palm guard protector I purchased and installed on my MacBook Air. I typically wear a watch and when I type on my MacBook Air for extended periods of time I tend to remove my watch to avoid scratching the palm rest. With the Apple Watch set to arrive later this month, I didn’t want to have to remove my Apple Watch as I do my current watch, so I figured a palm guard would resolve this problem

I received an email from Mac Power Users listener Mark pointing me to this Apple Knowledge Base article warning MacBook Pro with Retina Display users not to use palm rest or keycap covers. The concern is that because Retina MacBook Pro is so thin and the tolerances are so tight, anything between the body and the top of the computer could cause it to rub against the screen. Apple warns this could cause damage to the display and presumably they’re talking about the recent reports of the anti-reflective coating coming off the display.

While I understand Apple’s position, I can’t help but wonder whether there’s more going on with the anti-reflective coating pealing. Nevertheless, I pass along this warning.