Macdrifter: Redacted and Encrypted PDF's with Hazel and PDFpenPro

Earlier this week, I posted a script I use for redacting confidential information in PDFs using Smile's PDFpen and Hazel. The original idea came from listening to the Technical Difficulties podcast so I shared it with Gabe at Macdrifter .

Gabe has gone above and beyond and has created a workflow that will automatically redact any text that is highlighted in a document scanned with a ScanSnap scanner. Essentially, you highlight the words you want redacted from the document, run it through your scanner and use Hazel and PDFpen to perform the redaction automatically. This utilizes ScanSnap's ability to set keywords on documents based on highlighting. Gabe then modified Smile's redaction script to redact the highlighted keywords set by the ScanSnap.

Gabe's workflow blows mine out of the water. Well played, Gabe.