MacSparky's OmniFocus Video Field Guide

My pal David Sparks has released a new Field Guide, but this one is a screencast, not a book and it’s on a subject that’s near to my heart, OmniFocus. You may remember a couple years ago David produced an epic OmniFocus trilogy. I, and others, have been begging him to dig into OmniFocus version 2 and this new video series does not disappoint. 

This video Field Guide is a 2.5 hour screencast that takes you, soup to nuts, through OmniFocus including discussing the history of task managers, explaining how OmniFocus works, discussing how to capture, process, take action, and review your tasks, and of course throws in some MacSparky ninja tricks.

The screencast is fully bookmarked and available to purchase for $9.99. If you use OmniFocus or are thinking about it, you should check it out.