MacSpeech Dictate Mini-Review

Note: The following text was dictated using MacSpeech Dictate version 1.2. This is intend to be a “first glimpse” of the product and not a comprehensive review. The following was dictated in my first use of the program with less than 10 minutes of training. Please keep this in mind when reading the following review:

18C4AEFC-9D89-4748-95BD-74FBF5A7E5C8.jpgWhen I went to MacWorld 2008, the talk of the show was MacSpeech Dictate. As I’ve discussed on the show in the past, I tend to have some problems with carpal tunnel syndrome and have tried dictation programs in the past. Granted, I haven’t tried dictation program in the last several years, but I’ve always been disappointed with the results. When MacSpeech was released, I had high hopes that it might finally be the solution I was looking for. However, as someone who can type upwards of 80 words a minute, I was skeptical. In most cases, I could type a lot faster, and with a lot less frustration, then these dictation programs. That is why was so excited to have an opportunity to demo MacSpeech.

This review that you are reading was created with MacSpeech after no more than 10 minutes of training. As such, this is intended to be a preliminary review. Expect a much more comprehensive review in the coming weeks. However, for this culinary review, I have intentionally not corrected any mistakes made by the MacSpeech Dictate software. Though as you can see so far, it is surprisingly accurate.

The retail boxed version of MacSpeech includes a USB headset, quick start guide, an application disk, and a data disk. Installation took less than 20 minutes, and with another 10 minutes of training, I was able to dictate the short review.

I was also able to use the program to perform simple tasks. This includes opening Microsoft Word, and using commands such as select all copy, and paste.

In the less than 30 minutes and I’ve been playing with MacSpeech Dictate, I’m already finding it light years ahead of other programs I’ve used in the past. I have no doubt, the more that I use the program, and become familiar with all of its features, but I will find even more accurate and useful. Of course, as is usual, I have not read the instruction manual. Although, with the program as complex as MacSpeech Dictate, I’m sure that would probably be a good idea.

This includes mine “mini review” of MacSpeech Dictate. Again, this review was written entirely with MacSpeech Dictate after approximately only 10 minutes of training. I have not made any edits or corrections to the Texan MacSpeech transcribed. Which probably explains why the word “Texan” Was Used Instead of Text Just Now. I Look Forward to Working More with MacSpeech Dictate in the Future, And Look Forward to Providing You with More Comprehensive Review Soon.