Macworld/iWorld: Cloak 2

Cloak is a VPN service that allows you to surf the web securely, I’ve spoken about it in the past on Mac Power Users and I’ve been a Cloak subscriber for the past year. This year at Macworld/iWorld Cloak introduced version 2, a major update to the service.

The biggest changes with Cloak 2 came to the iOS App which now has the ability to automatically secure your connection without any interaction on the user part. In the Cloak settings you can define trusted networks. By default, any network that is secured and any cellular network is automatically trusted. When your Mac or iOS device connects to an untrusted network (such as the Macworld/iWorld public network or stay the public network at a Starbucks) Cloak will detect this and automatically activate the VPN service securing your connection. I had no idea this was even possible on iOS, but the engineers at Cloak have figured it out. This now makes using Cloak effortless.

Also new with version 2 is upgraded pricing plans. You can subscribe to Cloak with either a mini-plan giving you 5GB of monthly access for $3 a month or unlimited access for $10 per month. If you only occasionally need to use a VPN (such as when traveling) you can now purchase a one-time pass directly from your iOS device for $4 a week, $10 a month or $100 a year with unlimited data for that time period. I personally subscribe to the mini plan and find that most months I use public Wi-Fi enough to justify the minimal cost.

I received a few codes for free cloak service in my Macworld/iWorld speaker bag, so follow me on Twitterand I’ll be giving these way soon.