Macworld|iWorld: Cloak Simple VPN for Everyone

Traveling to attend a tech conference like Macworld|iWorld, Wi-Fi is typically abundant. I was fortunate to have access to reasonable Wi-Fi at the conference, my hotel and the airport free of charge. Unfortunately, free Wi-Fi comes with dangers and network traffic on unsecured networks can be monitored using a variety of tools. My general rule of thumb is I assume anything flowing over an unsecured connection is being watched so I use my iPhone's hot spot for anything I prefer to remain private which creates a problem with data caps.

Browsing the Appalooza section of Macworld|iWorld I found Cloak which looks to solve this problem by providing an easy VPN solution for Mac and iOS. Simply install the Mac App or the configuration profile on your iOS device and can turn on and off the VPN at will. What sets cloak apart from other VPN solutions is it's available to anyone and very simple to configure, no IT department necessary.

Cloak offers a 30-day free trial and is available with two plans. A basic plan is $7.99 a month for 20GB of monthly data with a Pro plan offering 50GB of data for $14.99 a month. For most people the basic plan will do just fine. Being an infrequent traveler, I wish they offered a month-to-month. The representatives at the Cloak booth said they were working on this but for now the workaround was just to cancel your plan after use and re-start it when you needed it again.