Macworld|iWorld: SETA Stand by XFlex

As I sit down in my hotel room to write this it's day one of Macworld|iWorld and I've managed to make my way only partially through the show floor. One item that stood out was the SETA Stand. They're beautiful, functional and simple. XFlex currently offers an iPad stand with a goose neck to allow you to hold your iPad, iPhone or an other tablet device with a suction-cup holder. But on the show floor they were demoing a smaller iPhone stand that really perked my interest. Unfortunately, the stand isn't available yet, or I would have likely bought it on the spot, but the company plans to launch a kickstarter campaign within the next 6 weeks.

The prototype iPhone stand is made of aluminum, has an opening for a cable and an interesting backing that allows an iPhone to "stick" to the stand without the need for any specialized case, connector or other equipment. The backing is hard to describe, it isn't sticky like an adhesive, but it doesn't have any "suction" qualities either. It's smooth and black and will firmly hold an iPhone in place so long as the phone has a smooth hard surface. It worked great with my iPhone with invisable shield and most plastic iPhone cases but I can see some textured or fabric cases could be problematic. The stand is compact, elegant and the prototypes came in a variety of colors.

For me, I see this stand being useful at the office where I normally set my iPhone on the desk but it's easy to lose as my desk becomes cluttered. This stand could sit on my desk, not take up much space and be a dedicated spot to store and optionally charge my iPhone. It would also display the iPhone at an angle that would make it more convenient to see notifications and access the screen.

I've registered for the company's mailing list so will post more information about the kickstarter campaign when it's available.