Markdown: A New MacSparky Field Guide

My friend David Sparks is at it again. He along with Eddie Smith of Practically Efficient have co-authoried a new MacSparky Field Guide tackling the topic of Markdown.  When David told me a couple of months ago he had a Markdown book in the work I questioned whether it would make a good topic for a Field Guide, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized this is exactly the kind of topic the Field Guides were created for. Markdown is a hot topic that lots of people are curious about but maybe don't understand why it's a useful tool or how it can fit into their workflow. The Field Guide contains more than 27 screencasts and over an hour of audio content explaining the basics of Markdown, why you should care about it, how it can be incorporated in your workflow, some really great tools to use for writing Markdown and interviews with some really smart people about how they're using Markdown to get stuff done. It's really a one-stop resource anyone from the beginner to the geek who wants to learn about or become more productive with Markdown.

I've had a copy of the book for a bit and already learned more than a few new things. Eddie, David and I recorded a show for Mac Power Users that will be released on April 1st that discusses their reasons for writing this book and talks more about Markdown. If you have an iPad you'll probably want to pickup this book in the iBookstore, it's available in 51 countries. If Markdown is not available in your area or you prefer, there's also a PDF version. The cost is $10 and you can find out more at

Congratulations David and Eddie on a great collaboration!