Medical ID for iPhone and Apple Watch


On the Emergency Preparedness episode of Mac Power Users David and I talked about the Medical ID feature of the Health App that allows medical information to be entered and accessed from the lock screen. This is a great feature for most of us, but for some the information it provides may be somewhat limited. MPU listener Geoff Hackworth wrote me to let me know about his app, Medical ID - In Case of Emergency that expands on what’s available from Apple’s built-in app. (iTunes Link)

Geoff’s App works works similarly to Apple’s own Medical ID feature in the Health app, but allows for more granular organization of medical conditions, and medications. The most important information is available additionally available in a Today Widget which Geoff explains, aside from wallpaper is the only way third party developers can make information accessible from the iPhone lock screen. The app’s also has a companion Apple Watch app. And sine the Watch remains unlocked and accessible while on a users wrist, emergency personnel could access the information. 

Of course, the big problem is in the event of an emergency will first responders or a good Samaritan know where to look for critical information. For that reason I’d encourage still putting information in the Health App as it’s likely to be more widely known. You can also add notes telling people where to look for more detailed information. 

Geoff says he’s working on an WatchOS 2 support that will provide the ability to call emergency contacts from the Watch app. and is also experimenting with different complications. 

It’s great to see people looking at this problem. If this is a concern for you or a friend or family, check out Geoff’s app.