More Mac App Store Drama: Previously Downloaded OS X Installers No Longer Work

Josh Centers, writing for TidBITS has yet more fallout from the Mac App Store's Certificate fiasco

File this one under “Obscure problems that could ruin your day.” TidBITS reader Randy Singer reports that due to an expired certificate, OS X installers downloaded prior to 14 February 2016 won’t work.

Here's what this means - if you have a previously downloaded versions of OS X, they will no longer work. I keep several versions of the operating system stored on my Drobo for archival purposes - they've often come in handy when troubleshooting for friends in family. So, I'm now in the process of re-downloading gigabytes of data, again. That is, assuming you're allowed to download the Installers. See, Apple won’t allow a newer Mac to download versions of OS X that aren’t compatible with that Mac.

Likewise, if you've previously created a bootable flash drive to install OS X, that drive may no longer work. You'll need to re-download the installer and re-create that backup drive.

"Hey Siri, add fix bootable flash drive to my Omni Focus List." 

...waits while nothing happens...

Remember when Apple stuff just worked?