More on Cloak: Easy and Inexpensive VPN

In the Security Audit episode of Mac Power Users I talked about my use of the Cloak VPN service. Very simply, VPN (Virtual Private Network) extends a private network across a public network and enables your device to send and receive data across the Internet securely, even if you're using an unsecured network such as public Wi-Fi. I wrote up a first look about Cloak from Macworld earlier this year but the service has gotten even better. I'm now a monthly subscriber and very happy.

I've always wanted to use a VPN service but until recently couldn't find the right fit. I used public Wi-Fi enough that I wanted to be protected, but not enough to justify a large monthly fee. When cloak announced $1.99 service plans for 5GB of monthly VPN access I jumped on it. That $2 a month I'm able to use Cloak on all my devices up to my service cap. I have it installed on my MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone. For higher bandwidth users higher tier plans are available including 25GB for $8/month and 60GB for $15/month.


Cloak makes VPN simple. Configuration is easy both on the Mac and iOS. With the iOS apps you simply launch the App and it will walk you through installing the Cloak Profile with a few taps. From there you only need to go back to the App if Cloak issues an update or you want to check your monthly use. To enable the VPN on iOS simply turn on VPN in the iOS settings when you want it, and turn it off when you're done. You'll see a "VPN" icon in the menu bar to let you know you can browse securely.

On the Mac, Cloak is installed and configured to launch at startup. It sits in the menu bar where you can turn it on or off or manage the preferences. You can configure cloak to automatically activate when your Mac connects to untrusted networks. By default any network that is not password protected is deemed untrusted, though you can adjust these settings.


Cloak recently introduced a service called Transporter that allows secure access from a specific country. Right now the service is limited to the US or the UK, but they're rolling out new locations. By default Cloak will connect you to the fastest VPN available, but if for some reason you want to appear as though you're in the US or UK, it's an option.

Cloak offers a free 30 day trial if you're interested in checking out the service.