to Automatically Mount Volumes

Last week, I posted the AppleScript that I use in conjunction with Apps like Lingon andKeyboard Maestro to mount my Drobo 5N when my MacBook Air connects to my home network. The script works well enough, but a few readers have pointed out an App that will perhaps make things simpler. Mountain from appgineers.

Installing and getting the most recent version of this App was a little tricky, presumably due to Apple’s sandboxing requirements and the fact that the developer wanted to continue to use the Mac App Store to handle sales. You purchase the $3.99 App through the Mac App Store. Upon your first load, the App will tell you there’s an update available and to download it through the developer’s site. The newly downloaded App will authenticate your ownership of the Mac App Store version and then you can throw that copy away. I'm told by the developers that they are working to make this process easier and they also have a direct sales version as well as a demo available from their site that doesn't require this process.

Once installed, the App allows you to do a few things including mount and unmount drives easily from the menubar. But, my favorite feature is it will allow you to select certain drives as “favorites” and prevent them from being unmounted, or automatically re-mount them when waking from sleep. I’ve chosen my Drobo 5N as a favorite drive and Mountain takes care of the rest. It’s an inexpensive and easy solution to the problem.

Buy Mountain from the Mac App Store - $3.99