MPU 055: Workflows with Adam Lisagor

MPU LogoMac Power Users Episode 55: Workflows with Adam Lisagor is posted.  In this episode, David and chat with LonelySandwich about how he gets work done with his Apple technology.You can view the shownotes here or better yet, subscribe in iTunes. This also marks the first episode of our move to the 5by5 network. Our feed has moved with as minimal disruption as possible. There was some duplication of episodes in the feed but that has now been resolved. If you're a current subscriber, you should continue to receive shows as normal.

The one casualty of the move was over 400 iTunes reviews and ratings. In order to be a part of the 5by5 iTunes section we had to setup a new iTunes entry and the reviews couldn't move with us. This was a small price to pay given the many benefits of being on the 5by5 network, but if you have a few minutes to spare and could drop us a review in iTunes to help build things back up, I'd really appreciate it.