MPU 100 Live Details

Just a final reminder that David and I will be recording our 100th episode of Mac Power Users live tomorrow, Saturday, August 25th at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern. We have a special show planned with a series of Mac Power Users listeners who are going to tell us about one aspect about how they use their Mac and iOS devices in their workflows. I'm so excited about our panel and I think we're going to cover a wide range of topics that have been requested by our listeners ever since we started the workflow series. We have people from all walks of life including a physician, a scholar, a writer, and even a pilot. 

The show will be released as a podcast in the feed and in iTunes early next week as usual. But if you want to join us live, we'd love to have you. Instructions for accessing the live show can be found at including how to access the 5by5 chatroom. If you're on the go, check out the 5by5 App for iPhone

Thanks to everyone for making this possible.