Katie Floyd

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MPU Hoodie and Glow Shirt Now Available

Last week David and I launched a new set of MPU Merchandise that is available through December 3rd. For a limited time, you can buy a MPU Hoodie or a Glow T-Shirt from Cotton bureau. We’re really proud of these offerings, not just the design but also the quality.

The MPU Hoodie is a heavyweight zip hoodie made by Independent Trading Co. It features the embroidered MPU Battery logo.

The T-shirt is available in styles for Men and Women and a few different varieties including Black, Vintage Black and Heavy Metal. Best of all, the battery icon is created using glow ink.

We’ve also worked with Cotton Bureau to make sure we can ship these products internationally for reasonable fees. If you’ve been turned off by international shipping in the past, take a second look. Most orders should arrive in time for Christmas.

Grab them here: https://cottonbureau.com/people/mac-power-users