Must Read: The Martian

Earlier this year on MPU 253 Dr. Ross Lockwood discussed his simulated four month mission to Mars. Ross mentioned he and his crew read Andy Weir’s ‘The Martian’ to help get them excited about the expedition. Since that episode I’ve had The Martin on my wish-list of books to read.  My brother gave me a copy of the book for my birthday this summer. I finally picked it up this week.


I don’t read much fiction, I tend to read mostly non-fiction books these days. But the Martian grabbed me from the first page and absolutley sucked me in. The story is about an Astronaut who is accidentally stranded alone after he is presumed dead on a failed Mars expedition and has to go to extreme lengths to survive. 

The author has spent an incredible amount of time researching the science. Tech geeks will love it for the adventure combined with hard science. Everyone else will enjoy it’s an action/adventure page turner. I found myself running to bed early every night this week until I finished it so I could spend a few hours with The Martian. 

I hope the upcoming movie (premiering October 2nd) does the book justice. But because they rarely do, I encourage you to give the book a read first.