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My Menu Bar

Not long ago on Mac Power Users, David and I featured must-have utilities. I realized many of my favorite utilities were actually menu bar applications so I thought I’d take some time this month to share with you what I keep in my Mac’s Menu Bar.

  1. Default Folder X - Default Folder X enhances the Open and Save dialogs in all of your applications to give you quick access to recently or commonly used files and a whole lot more.
  2. Cloak- A simple VPN solution for Mac, iOS, and Android that will automatically secure your connection on untrusted Wi-Fi networks.
  3. Bartender - If you don’t already have Bartender, after reading this you’ll need it. It adds an additional hidden row to your Mac’s menu bar and allows you to organize your menu bar.
  4. iStat Menus is a helper utility that will allow you to monitor information about the inner workings of your Mac. I’m monitoring CPU usage (4) and Network Traffic (5) at a glance
  5. (continued)
  6. Fruit Juice - Fruit juice will keep an eye on the health of your laptop battery and will let you know if you’re keeping your Mac plugged in too often and will give you a gentle reminder to unplug and daily targets for battery use. 
  7. Fantastical - Fantastical is a full-featured calendar App for Mac that features an excellent menu bar App with at-a-glance access to your calendar and the ability to quickly schedule appointments using natural language.
  8. Time Machine - Apple’s default Time Machine Menu Bar App
  9. Wi-Fi - Apple’s Default Wi-Fi Interface
  10. iStat Menus - I’ve replaced Apple’s clock with iStat Menus. This clock gives me easy access to a world clock so I can see the time in multiple time zones at a glance and more. 
  11. Spotlight - Apple’s default search utility
  12. Notifications - Apple’s default Notifications interface 
  13. OmniPresence - Built by the OmniGroup, this utility allows me to sync all my Omni documents across my Macs and iOS devices.
  14. TripMode - If you tether your Mac to your iOS device and worry about blowing through your data cap, TripMode is the App for you. It will prevent unwanted apps from accessing the Internet while tethering, saving your bandwidth. 
  15. Bluetooth - Apple’s default Bluetooth interface. 
  16. Micro Snitch - If you're concerned about an App accessing your built-in microphone or capturing video without your knowledge, Micro Snitch will monitor for such activity and warn you.
  17. Carbon Copy Cloner - My backup utility of choice. It will allow you to create Bootable backups, smart update your backups and scheduled backups and a whole lot more.
  18. Keyboard Maestro - Easily automate tasks on your Mac. From launching applications, manipulating windows and applications, trigger complex actions and a whole lot more. 
  19. TextExpander - Type a trigger and expand it into much larger snippets of text. Great for commonly typed words, phrases, boilerplate text or other content that is frequently generated.
  20. Backblaze - Easy off-site backup that will automatically and securely backup your documents to cloud storage. 
  21. Unclutter - A handy place on your desktop to store quick notes, pasteboard items and files.
  22. Amphetamine - Override your energy setter settings to keep your Mac awake. Customizable with specific rules and settings. 
  23. Hazel - Watches certain folders and will automatically act on files according to rules you create. Use it to move, sort, rename and take action on files.
  24. Dropbox - My cloud storage platform of choice.
  25. 1Password - Full-featured password manager for Mac and iOS. Generate, Store and auto-fill passwords and other secure information.
  26. Bartender Settings - Used to customize the Bartender Bar.

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