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MyQ HomeKit Bridge is (Finally) Available (Maybe Not)

Update: Chamberlin's website now says the product is "temporarily out of stock due to high demand." 

From MacRumors:

After an introduction at CES in January, and an expected launch date of April 2017, Chamberlain's MyQ Home Bridge has today been made available for users to purchase. For users already in the company's MyQ ecosystem, the MyQ Home Bridge will upgrade any MyQ garage door opener with the addition of Apple's HomeKit.

This bridge appears to only bring HomeKit compatibility, It does not bring compatibility with other IOT devices like the Amazon Echo. You will be able to use Siri to control your garage door and incorporate your Garage door into your HomeKit scenes.

Currently, Chamberlin is selling the product directly for $49.99 (plus shipping which adds $13 or more) and says the price will rise to $69.99 at some point in the future.

While I was initially excited about this product when it was originally announced at CES, I've cooled off a bit. Based on the comments and installation instructions it appears the upgrade kit for existing MyQ owners will require this adapter be installed as a second box in the garage. (As opposed to hanging off your router somewhere on the network.) I tend to use my Echo for controlling my home tech devices and I'm not sure HomeKit support brings enough features to justify the purchase.

 Honestly, I'm likely going to wait for the initial reviews of this product (I'm looking at you Casey Liss) and will likely wait for it to show up on Amazon before buying.