New Podcasts from Liftoff and Top Four

This week is the one year anniversary of our podcast network, Although Mac Power Users is a fairly new addition to Relay, we’ve been thrilled with our association and honored to be a member of this great podcasting family. 

Today the network introduced two new shows that you’ll want to check out. Liftoff with Stephen Hackett and Jason Snell and Top Four hosted by Marco and Tiffany Arment.

From the Blog:

First we have Liftoff, a fortnightly podcast about space, the universe, and everything. This show is hosted by Relay FM co-founder, Stephen Hackett, and Jason Snell, the host of Upgrade and Clockwise. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to enjoy the topics discussed on Liftoff, as they break things down so anybody that is interested in space can enjoy it.

We are also really excited to be premiering Top Four, hosted by Marco and Tiffany Arment. Top Four is a really fun show, in which your hosts pick their favourite things in certain categories, like movies, books, and video games. You’ll get to hear two very opinionated people discuss and rank their favourites, whilst also getting to hear the awesome chemistry of the Arments. It’s a really fun show that I think you’ll love.

Check out these great new shows, and happy anniversary Relay!