New WeMo Features: Away Mode and Long Press

I’m a big fan of WeMo and there was an update to the WeMo line of switches this week that added additional functionality along with an update to the WeMo IFTTT channel.

The first new feature is called "Away Mode" which will randomly turn on and off your selected WeMo devices to make it look like someone is home. You can select all or a few WeMo devices (lights would make the most sense) and during the pre-determined interval WeMo will randomly turn on and off the devices for at least 30 minutes at a time and temporarily suspend your existing rules. This is a great rule to pre-configure and then enable when you know you're going to be away.

The other new feature is the "long press" which applies to the WeMo light switches. You can now “long press” (meaning press for two seconds) a WeMo light switch and use this as an trigger. I have a couple WeMo light switches installed throughout my house. One is right next to my back door where I normally enter and exit. I also have a few WeMo switches connected to various appliances including fans and lamps. I’ve configured an IFTTT recipe where a long press on my back door switch as I exit will turn off all my WeMo switches.  This means when I leave the house I can quickly turn them off everything connected to my switches.

IFTTT Recipe: If Long Press - Turn Off All Switches connects wemo-light-switch to wemo-switch

Another clever idea I saw was to use the light switch as a phone finder. If you lose your phone, a long press on one of your switches will call it for you. Here’s that recipe:

IFTTT Recipe: If I lose my phone, call it with a long press of my WeMo Light Switch connects wemo-light-switch to phone-call

Perhaps a more practical use, if you have an appliance that would be easier to control by switch.  For example, I have a lamp in the foyer of my home, very near a WeMo light switch at my front door. I've programed my front door Long Press to turn on or off the lamp. Here's that rule:

IFTTT Recipe: Turn on your WeMo Switch from your WeMo Light Switch connects wemo-light-switch to wemo-switch

The possibilities are endless. In fact, Mac Power Users will be teaming up with WeMo later this month for a special contest to see what other great ideas you have for using these new features. Stay tuned for details.

Disclosure: Belkin is a sponsor of Mac Power Users