Nosillacast August 29, 2010

Nosillacast logoI had the great pleasure of hosting the Nosillacast podcast hosted over at for my good friend Allison Sheridan while she was away on her great European Adventure. Allison made me do a little work out of my comfort zone this week and in addition to producing her show, she also roped me in to producing a live show on It was an absolute blast and I learned a lot about producing a live show on Ustream. I may consider something like that in the future. Allison's podcast is one of my favorites, so if you haven't checked it out yet, you should. In this episode I discuss the Hulu Plus service and the many uses for an Airport Express. We also have reviews of the Noterize notetaking app for the iPad, the the Square mobile credit card payment system, an alternative podcatcher app for the iPhone called Podfisher and the PLop boot manager for virtual machines. Here's the direct link to the episode.