Obsessively Track Your Packages Before They Actually Ship

As I write this blog post I’m waiting for my Apple TV arrive. I’m always impatient when it comes to expecting new tech. Apple order status says “preparing for shipment” with an estimated arrival date sometime middle of next week. But I know that’s not true, because I received a notification earlier today that my order was already submitted to the carrier and has a scheduled delivery date sometime on Saturday. 

How do I know this when Apple hasn’t shared the tracking information? I signed up for FedEx’s Delivery Manager service. UPS also has a similar service, UPS MY Choice. The programs vary slightly but the basic services they offer are the same. Both programs will have a free tier of service that will provide customized notifications about upcoming deliveries, provide instructions for delivery drivers or request that packages be held at pickup locations. For an additional charge you can customize delivery times or redirect packages to an alternate address.

The programs are specific to an address, in this case I enrolled my home address. Whenever a package enters the UPS or FedEx system in route to my home, I’ll receive a notification with information about the package and the scheduled delivery date.  In addition to allowing me to obsessively track tech shipments, this service keeps unexpected deliveries from sitting on my doorstep for days. (I enter the house through the garage and may never see a package sitting at the front door.) I have the programs configured so I’ll receive a notification when a package is in route and when it is actually delivered.