On The Apple Smart Battery Case


I’ve been tied up the last week so I’m a bit delayed in posting my thoughts on Apple’s new Smart Battery Case. I have seen the Internet go a bit crazy with criticism of the case. To the power users who do not like the Smart Battery Case I would say this - it’s okay, Apple didn’t make this accessory for you.

I bought a battery case years ago for my iPhone 3GS. I used it for three days and I never bought another one. I realized quickly I just didn’t like battery cases. I needed the extra battery power only a few days of the year that it simply wasn’t worth the extra bulk and hassle that the case brings. Instead, for days when I’m going to be out without access to power I’ll opt to bring along a compact charger to get me an extra charge or two.

For people whose lifestyle takes them regularly away from a power outlet, a battery case may make more sense. There are a lot of options. Apple’s case has some definite advantages. For one, it’s the only case that charges by lighting. You won’t have to bring an extra cable. Because of the design, it will accommodate many docking solutions. It’s also not a pain to take on and off.

The Apple Smart Battery Case has many disadvantages as well. The battery isn’t all that powerful, at 1,877 mAh it won’t fully charge a dead iPhone. At $99 U.S. it’s also very expensive. By comparison the Anker Ultra Slim Extended Battery Case packs a 2,850 mAh capacity for only $40.

Then there’s the design. You may love it, you may hate it. It’s really a matter of personal preference. My first reaction was not positive, though I will say it’s growing on me.

Regardless of what you think about it, Apple will sell a ton of them. Battery cases are extremely popular accessories and Apple undoubtedly wants a piece of the pie. I suspect it’s only a matter of time before we stop seeing third party battery cases sold in Apple Stores. While you may never buy an Apple Smart Battery Case, consumers who want a trusted accessory for their iPhone will shell out $99 without much of a second thought because they want a product that they know will work without any hassle. That’s exactly what Apple is delivering.