PDFpen Scan+


Smile introduced a new application to their suite of productivity Apps. PDFpen Scan+ is a Mobile Scanning App for the iPhone and iPad, with a very unique feature, the ability to perform optical character recognition (OCR) right on the iOS device. David and I have talked a lot about the benefits of OCR on Mac Power Users. Once a PDF is OCR'ed, the text in the document becomes searchable and usable by other applications. With PDFpen Scan+ you can email just the text portion of a document, or share a PDF with OCR data embedded using a variety of sharing services including Dropbox, Evernote, GoogleDrive and more.

PDFpen Scan+ also integrates directly with PDFpen for iPhone or iPad meaning you can take your newly scanned PDF documents and add annotations, a signature, make corrections or draw and highlight on document.

You can begin the process of adding a new scan either from the iPhone or iPad's camera App or using an image already saved in the photo library. Scans can be single or multiple pages. Once captured page edges will be automatically detected and you can tweak the crop of the image, adjust the brightness and contrast, rotate and adjust the resolution.

While there are other scanning apps on the market for iOS, I have yet to see one that tackles the OCR problem like PDFpen Scan+ and I cannot over-emphasize how big a deal having OCR in the App is. This means I can take a snapshot of a document or a receipt, OCR it directly from my device, and then save it to a cloud sharing service like Dropbox. For my paperless workflow, I use a series of Hazel rules that rely on OCR'ed content to look at the body of a document to determine what the document is based on pre-setup criteria and name and file the document accordingly. This can all happen seamlessly and in the background back on my home Mac without any further interaction from me. I snap the scan, OCR and save to Dropbox and let Hazel handle the rest.

PDFpen Scan+ is available for a limited time for an introductory price of $4.99 on the App Store. You can find more info on the Smile site. Of course, MacSparky made a video:

Disclosure: Smile is a Sponsor of Mac Power Users