Podcast Find: Let's Start a Law Firm

130822 Cover Art.jpg

I recently found and have been catching up on Ben Carter and Annie O'Connell's new podcast "Let's Start a Law Firm." While the show is obviously geared towards attorneys and recent law school graduates who are looking to open their own firm, I think their advice is generally applicable to anyone who is running or interested in starting a small business. I'm not planning on starting a law firm, but I work in a small firm and have some say in planning and administrative decisions. It's been great to hear Ben an Annie talk about basic things like insurance, banking, tools they use and the logistics of starting and running a business.

I'm really enjoying the series. Ben and Annie have great personalities, the shows are well produced and on topic. You can find out more at the podcast site or subscribe in iTunes. Bonus, we'll be having Ben as a guest on a future episode of Mac Power Users, stay tuned.