Katie Floyd

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Relay FM Members Only: Ask Us Anything

Yesterday marked the 3rd anniversary of Relay FM. To celebrate, Relay FM Members will receive bonus content from their favorite shows throughout the month. 

Today, David and I released our special bonus show. The show features an "Ask Me Anything" style Q&A with a focus not on technology. We fielded questions on a variety of topics ranging from our favorite books to orange juice and many things in between.

Relay FM members can find the show in your Members Only podcast feed. If you're not a Relay FM member, you can sign up to support the show for as little as $5 per month and, in addition to good karma, receive perks including: 

  • Bonus episodes of Relay shows during their anniversary in August
  • Access to our members only podcast, in which Stephen Hackett interviews two hosts about a big topic each month
  •  Monthly behind-the-scenes newsletter
  • Previews of upcoming shows
  • Members-only wallpapers (The MPU Wallpaper is awesome)
  • 15% off anything in the Relay FM merchandise store

You also receive access to the entire back catalog of Members Only podcast, so you can hear our epic Star Wars vs. Star Trek show from last year.

Thanks to our Relay FM Members for all your support!