Review: EverDock Universal Smartphone and Tablet Dock

A few months back, EverDock was making quite a buzz after a successful kickstarter campaign (see the video here). Aside from an iHome speaker dock I use to charge my iPhone at night, I don’t use a dock much with my iPhone so while I was intrigued by the EverDock, I didn’t pick one up. I loved the original dock that came with my first iPhone and have tried third party docks thereafter but they all suffered from the same basic problem, after while they would be obsolete. A new case, a new phone design or a new charging cable and you’re done.

The EverDock is different, it seeks to solve the dock obsolesce problem by being universally compatable with virtually all smartphones and tablets (as claimed by their promotional material.) The idea is a brilliant one. Build the base of a dock, but do it in such a way that the smarts, or in this case the charging cable, is interchangeable. This means as technology evolves, or as your tastes change, so can your dock.

When EverDock came up on a recent StackSocial promotion (as of the posting of this blog there are still a few days left) I decided to buy one. I was so impressed when I received my dock I ordered two more. EverDock is essentially an aluminum base that has custom carved out channels to allow you to add your own charging cable. It comes with several inserts to secure your cables and silicone bumpers to accommodate various device and case sizes. EverDock will accommodate a lightning connector, 30-pin connector or micro-USB. It has micro suction pads on the bottom that will keep it sturdily in place without damaging the surface. The build quality is impressive and it’s an elegant dock that will look good almost anywhere.

I picked up the standard EverDock that will accommodate one device at a time, but there’s also a duo version available that will allow you to charge two devices simultaneously. I keep one on my desk at home and another on my desk at the office. I picked up a third EverDock as a gift for my mother to use by her bedside as she has a notoriously difficult time remembering to keep her iPhone charged, I’m hoping having a dock will help.

EverDock’s design makes it fairly future-proof though if Apple or other cell phone manufacturers radically change their charging ports it could be problematic. My only concern with EverDock is the use of the micro-suction material on the bottom. I’ve had a few accessories in the past that have used similar material and I’ve found after almost a year of daily use the material starts to degrade and the adhesive looses its suction. My suspicion would be that as long as you plan to keep the EverDock fairly stationary this won’t be a problem for a while.

The standard dock costs $50 while the duo costs $70 and that’s without any real intelligence. (The StackSocial deal takes the price down to $40 and $55 respectively.) The EverDock ships with micro-USB cables which works with most Android phones, but if you have an Apple device you’ll need to supply your own cables and power adapters which will add significant additional cost. That being said, it’s one of the smartest docks I’ve seen and the build quality is excellent. I think this is an accessory I’ll keep around for years to come.