Review: Scosche Dual 10 Watt USB Car Charger

I have an older model car which means I don’t have USB ports to charge my electronics. Especially when on trips, I would find that I had multiple devices I wanted to charge or power. I was constantly juggling devices to keep them charge. Because my power socket was concealed inside a drawer, typical power adapters would stick out so I’d be constantly plugging and unplugging adapters.

The Scosche SUBC202M was the first car charger I found that satisfied of my requirements for power. First, it is an ultra-low profile charger meaning it fits almost flush with my power socket. This allows me to keep the adapter permanently in my car allowing me to open and close the access drawer without removing the charger. Second, it provides dual USB ports allowing me to charge and power two devices at once, no more juggling devices to keep them charged. Third, both USB ports can simultaneously output 2.1A meaning it can dual-charge two iPads, or fast charge an iPhone while charging an iPad, or just keep two devices charged, great for passengers. The high-power charging comes in handy when I’m running low on a charge and only have a quick trip as I an plug in for a few minutes and add a decent amount of time to my battery life.

The Scosche SUBC202M retails for $19.99 and is usually available for slightly less on Amazon. I use mine in conjunction with a retractable lightning cable which allows me to keep cable clutter to a minimum.