ScanSnap Wireless Scanning to Mac


While I was on vacation last week Fujitsu released a pair of updates to the ScanSnap iX500 that now enables you to scan wirelessly to your Mac. I've updated my ScanSnap and am running wireless now.

No longer needing to be tethered by a USB cable opens up a whole new world of options for the scanner. I've always considered putting my ScanSnap in my kitchen or laundry room so I can triage, scan and recycle paper in one step as it enters my house. This would eliminate my "to be scanned" bucket I have sitting on my shelf and free up valuable desk space. This weekend I plan to install the ScanSnap software on my Mac mini home server along with Evernote and setup wireless scanning to give relocating the scanner a try.

If you want to use the ScanSnap wirelessly with multiple computers in your household you can, but it's not the most obvious. Brooks Duncan over at DocumentSnap has produced a video explaining the process.