See You On The Other Side...

I’m on vacation the next two weeks. I’ll have very sporadic network access as my family and I are visiting Las Vegas, Canyonlands National Park with the highlight of the trip being 3-days of rafting/camping trip in side the Grand Canyon. 

Don’t worry, David and I have pre-recorded several episodes of Mac Power Users that should hit the feeds at their designated times. I’ve also queued up a few blog posts for this site.

If you want to follow my adventures probably the best place to do so is on Instagram as that’s where I’ll be posting fairly regular photos for friends and family to follow. (My grandmother follows me on Instagram - how cool!). I’ll also be posting occasional updates to Twitter.

For those curious, I have decided to take my iPhone along with me for all parts of the trip. I’ve outfitted it with a Lifeproof FRE case and will also be storing it inside a ziplock bag inside a wet bag for extra protection while on the river. I’ll take along small battery pack for power. Much to my pleasant surprise, I’ve found several of my third party lightning cables do fit the Lifeproof’s port (including MonopriceSkiva and Scosche) despite reviews to the contrary. Perhaps there has been a slight case modification or maybe I"ve gotten lucky. Once in the Grand Canyon I’ll be using the iPhone as a camera (and possibly an iPod) only. I’ve been told to expect no cellular coverage at all until we get back to civilization.

See you on the other side!