Sesame Smart Lock on Kickstarter

I’m a sucker for home automation. Maybe it’s because I’m a relatively new homeowner, but I love the idea of turning my house into the home of the future. Sometimes this obsession gets the best of me. I recently tried a few sets of Hue lights but returned them after being unable to find any practical use to justify such an expensive purchase. (I may blog more on that experience later.)

Nevertheless, the Sesame smart lock has caught my eye. While smart locks aren’t new, Sesame looks to undercut the competition like the Kwikset Kevo and the August Smart Lock and appears to be a simple and elegant solution that will allow you to retrofit your existing hardware for about $100 less than existing solutions. 

From the Kickstarter page:

Leave your keys behind: Just lock and unlock your door using the Sesame app on your phone. Better yet, open Sesame with a custom knock on your phone or door. Your keys, reinvented.

Share access: Allow guests in no matter where you are. Control who has access and when. Log records: Receive a notification whenever your door opens or closes. Installs in seconds: Simply tape Sesame to your door with a single strip of 3M Command tape (supplied). It fits your lock without removing or swapping anything. No tools required.

Fits all deadbolts: Sesame works with just about any single cylinder deadbolt in the USA / Canada / Australia thanks to five-patented self-adjusting mechanisms.

Long battery life: Sesame lasts about 500 days on lithium batteries (supplied), and sends a notification when the batteries are low. 

I’ve been trying the past couple days to just why I need to kickstart a Sesame, but I haven’t come up with a good enough reason. I live alone and almost exclusively enter and exit through my garage back-door which is equipped with a Kwikset SmartCode lock which allows me to punch in a pre-programed code for access. While it doesn’t include any “smart” technology, it meets my needs and gives me easy access without having to pull out my keys. As far as I can tell, the Sesame would require that I either unlock it using the App on my phone, via voice command (also requiring the phone), or using a special knock. Any of those would likely be more complex and time-consuming than punching in a code, especially with your hands full. 

While the Sesame may not be right for my needs, I think it will fill a need for a lot of people Because of it’s easy install and removal, it is especially appealing to renters. This is an area of technology I have my eye on.