SETA Smartphone Stand on Kickstarter

The SETA Smartphone Stand just launched their Kickstarter campaign today. This is a stand I first saw at Macworld|iWorld and immediately liked. It's a simple and elegant aluminum stand that uses "NanoSunction" pads to hold your iPhone (or any other) smartphone in place without clips or adhesives. Because it uses suction to hold the device, it will work with just about any case that has a flat surface. Meaning this stand won't be obsolete next time there's a revision to the iPhone or you decide to buy a new case.

I liked the stand because it was simple and solved a problem for me. It's nice looking stand that's functional, didn't take up much space, and is a dedicated place to hold my iPhone on a desk that can sometimes become cluttered. There's also a cutout for a charging cable.

The designers were kind enough to send me two units in advance of their campaign that I've been playing with for a few weeks now and I've been amazed about how the NanoSuction technology works. The stand stays put on my desk and the iPhone has a solid connection, yet is not too difficult to remove. Mine came with a few extra NanoSuction pads in the box (which you can purchase separately through the Kickstarter) and I'm already looking for places to put them. I'm thinking about sticking one on the side of my refrigerator since I commonly use my iPhone in the kitchen and perhaps another on the dash of my car.

Check out their Kickstarter page for more info.