Special Mac Power Users for Relay FM Members

Relay FM has created a membership system to allow listeners to support the hosts of their favorite Relay FM shows. Listeners can choose to support a specific show like Mac Power Users, or support all the shows on the network. One of the perks of membership is that members will receive a bonus episode shows during Relay's anniversary week in August, including a very special bonus episode of Mac Power users.

Since this show didn't have to conform to a typical format, David and I knew instantly what we wanted to talk about. Star Trek and Star Wars. We spent almost an hour talking about our love for the series, how we became fans, our favorite characters and movies, what we think about the reboots and some of our traditions. It was a lot of fun.

If you're a Relay FM member, you can grab your special bonus episode of Mac Power Users now, along with special episodes of many of the other shows on Relay. If you're not a member, you can sign up now and gain access to all the members-only content.

My sincere thanks to all the members for your kind support of David and me and all the wonderful hosts on Relay FM!