Katie Floyd

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Sponsor: How to turn emails into to-do items without any additional efforts

Quite often emails go far beyond of being just correspondence. Instead, they require investigation, interaction, discussion, and multiple follow-up’s. To make the management of such to-do-type emails easier, you need to treat them like normal tasks. 

MailButler's new feature Tasks is a tool to do just that. Using it, you can turn your emails in Apple Mail right into to-do's. 

Set up a due date for your to-do item and get reminded automatically. Further, add a little note to your to-do items. Finally, mark it as done when you’re finished, and get it off your to-do list. It will ensure that your tasks are never forgotten again because some emails have been lost in your Inbox. 

MailButler is an add-on, which adds many great productivity boosting features to your Apple Mail. Among them is the ability to schedule, undo, and track emails, convert emails to notes, upload email attachments regardless of size, and more. 

You can learn more about the features and also download the program here.