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Sponsor: Introducing The New Mailbutler

As the New Mailbutler Beta keeps improving based on the users’’ feedback, here is a quick reminder about the new exciting features that were added to Mailbutler. 


Support for Gmail, The New Mailbutler Dashboard

Mailbutler started with one goal: to let users take back control of their inbox, and to offer a solution for the key missing functionalities of Apple Mail. One of the most popular requests, based on the users’ feedback, was to bring the extension to Gmail. So now you’ll find all the existing Mailbutler features available for Gmail as well.

In addition, Mailbutler has introduced the new Mailbutler Dashboard: stay organized with a streamlined overview of all your activities (scheduled emails, tracking details, completed tasks, etc.). You can also create your templates that are synced across Gmail and Apple Mail. 


Send your emails whenever you want…even when you’re offline

Send Later, one of Mailbutler’s best features, allows to schedule emails to be sent at a later date or time – this is particularly useful for those who constantly work with contacts overseas, or switch between time zones. With The New Mailbutler, scheduled emails will be delivered even when you’re offline. If you’re using Gmail on your phone, you can also access your scheduled messages and make changes anytime. 

An easier way to share notes and tasks in emails

The New Mailbutler delivers an improved experience between emailing and notetaking. Users can now create notes and reminders directly in the email – think of them as post-it notes and to-do reminders that can be either shared with other contacts or saved as private. When emailing in teams, tasks can be delegated easily without the need for another third-party app.


Write more in less time: Message Templates and Snippets

The Message Templates feature lets you create pre-written templates that are also shareable across your team. This is a must-have tool for professionals, marketers, and salespeople that prioritize direct client communication. Templates bring consistency across your team, and most importantly, saves you a whole lot of time if your work involves repeated conversations and cold emailing.

As to Snippets, it’s an even quicker way to add dynamic content, tailored to your contact. Simply click and drop a pre-written snippet to your draft; Mailbutler will automatically adjust the content based on your recipient’s details: name, company, position… the possibilities are endless. Just like Message Templates, Snippets can be shared across your Mailbutler team.


It’s the same Mailbutler you love… just better. Try it out today!