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Sponsor: Mailbutler - 3 Steps to Keep Your Inbox in Control This Holiday Season

2018 is approaching soon: chances are you’re either dragging through emails you haven’t completed - even worse, you’re already thinking about your tasks after December!

With the help of Mailbutler, take a look at these 3 simple steps you can do to keep your inbox easily under control:

1) Clean up unwanted newsletters and offers

Now’s your last chance to save your inbox before you drown in holiday promotions. Dig through your inbox and pick out all the newsletter subscriptions you haven’t read since months ago.

Easily opt-out from any newsletter using Mailbutler’s handy Unsubscribe feature: the plugin quickly scans through your emails’ fine prints and brings the ‘unsubscribe’ button to you.

Get on an email diet — don’t let the holidays ruin your Inbox Zero goal!

2) Set your follow-up reminders for after the holidays

You might only be few steps away from closing a deal or starting an exciting project — and you definitely don’t want the holidays to get in your way.

Before the holiday begins, go through your inbox and set a Follow-Up Reminder on each conversation you’ll get back to immediately once you’re at work again.

3) Tempted to check your emails? Try the Snooze button

We get it — maybe it’s fear of missing out, maybe it’s the flashing red number at your dock — you just don’t want to leave any emails unread. 

Most cases emails sent to you when you’re on holiday are less urgent than you’d imagine. If you’re still tempted to work or check your emails, try the Snooze button on Mailbutler: temporarily hide your unread messages and reappear at a desired date and time. You can finally head to bed knowing there’s no unread count judging you on your computer!


These 3 steps will surely keep your inbox under control while you’re away for holiday - and Mailbutler’s handy features don’t end here: signatures, message templates, tasks, notes… and more!

We’re also giving away 3 subscriptions this Christmas - so be sure to try your luck here!

Download Mailbutler for free and learn more about its full features.