Katie Floyd

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Sponsor: Save Time With The Power Of Email Tracking.

Sending your emails at the right time is one of, if not, the most important factor to email professionalism.

Have you ever wasted time on the following?

  • Worry about recipients that aren't actually engaged or interested

  • Plan follow-up emails and calls at the wrong timing

  • Send the same attachments multiple times

That's annoying - and this is why timing is key.  When you're delivering something important, you want to know as soon as your recipient has read it. 

And if your target is to avoid repeating yourself and following up before people actually read your email, email tracking might come in really handy to you. 

Email Tracking helps you in saving time and effort. When smartly used, it has a great potential to raise your productivity and effectiveness and to take your sales rate to a whole new level.

Mailbutler is an email assistant that helps you achieve smart email tracking. 

Email Tracking by Mailbutler lets you know:

  • When, where, on what device your email was opened

  • If your links have been clicked on

  • If your attachments have been downloaded.

And what is even better, Mailbutler does a lot more than that. Other ways Mailbutler improves your email client include scheduling, snoozing email, task, signature tools, message templates and more. Go ahead, and give it a try right now - you’ll be able to see the difference right away.  Download Mailbutler for free or learn more about its great features