Star Trek Discovery Trailer

The First Look trailer for Star Trek Discovery dropped last week on YouTube. I’ll admit I haven’t been particular excited about this new Star Trek Series. It’s the first time Star Trek has been on the air since Enterprise (which I also wasn’t initially a fan of) went off the air in 2005.

The fact that this series is exclusively airing on CBS All Access in the US and Canada feels like the show has been handicapped out of the gate. I can’t expect anyone but die-hard fans will subscribe to the $6 per month subscription service to watch the show. Candidly, I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to pick up an All Access subscription to watch it.

The show is being produced in partnership with Netflix. Other countries will be able to watch the show on Netflix 24 hours after the CBS All Access premiere. Presumably, Star Trek Discovery will be available on Netflix and other services after some delay - but no official word.

As always, there’s an Incomparable Podcast episode dedicated to an analysis of the trailer that’s worth a listen.

Somewhat related, There’s also a trailer for the upcoming comedy series The Orville - which is a Galaxy Quest-esque Star Trek spoof starring Seth MacFarlane coming to Fox next year that looks quite entertaining.