Still Need Tickets To Macworld|iWorld 2012?

Still Need Tickets To The Show?: The folks at Macworld|iWorld were kind enough to give me a few free Exhibit Hall Only Passes as well as a coupon code good for $15 off an iFan Pass. Given all the excellent content at the show this year and the low cost of the iFan pass, even if you're only at the show for a day, you're crazy if you don't pick up an iFan Pass.

You can check out all the content available at Macworld|iWorld on their site. Haven't made reservations yet? It's not to late, go crazy, be spontaneous, join us!

The Details:

The offer is limited to the first 100 people who enter  SOURCE CODE: BOI96122 using this link. The offer is limited so please don't register unless you actually plan on attending the show, leave the offer for someone who can actually use them. If the codes don't work, that means they have all been used. In that case, please don't email me or the folks at Macworld|iWorld because we won't be able to help you.