TextExpander Touch Snippet Winners

In response the TextExpander touch, contest I received so many great entries, but picked my top three to share today. I felt these highlighted some of the best uses of TextExpander and the new features of version 2 of TextExpander touch. Hopefully you'll find something here you can implement in your own workflow.

Fill URL from Safari

Markus wrote in with an AppleScript snippet that expands to the URL of the active Safari tab. Sometimes it’s easy to forget you can use TextExpander Snippets for advanced functions like AppleScripting. Marcus says he uses this snippet often for citation purposes when writing. (Just remember to set your snippet type as AppleScript!)

tell application "Safari" to return URL of front document

Custom Signatures

Long time friend of the show Pete (aka PilotPete) shares how he uses snippets to customize signatures at the end of letters or emails. He uses the fill-in popup field to change his sign-off depending on his relationship with the person (Regards, Love, Thanks, etc.) Pete notes that you can quickly toggle between the different phrases by selecting the first letter of the phrase then hit enter to complete the signature.

Pete also shared that he set his signature to a script font within TextExpander to set it apart from the rest of his message to give it a little extra flair.

%fillpopup:name=Signed:default=Regards,:Blessings,:Love,:Fondly,:Thanks,:Your Friend,:Fly Safe!:Stay Safe!:Semper Fi!% Pete

Recording Scientific Data

Finally, Ioannis is a scientist, you can find his work on his website, The Lab Cult. and he uses a complicated Fill-in snippet to keep record of calculations in his experiments. While this snippet is fairly complicated and tailored for his specific use, I think it illustrates how you can take advantage of several of TextExpander's features by using date and multiple customized fill-in snippets as necessary for your work. (Incase you're wondering, Ioannis says he uses this snippet for recording Calculations in NRVMs)

%Y, %B %d


20 MOI: %filltext:name=N4shwells% wells (%filltext:name=N4shwells + 2%) %filltext:name=N4shExcel% ul in %filltext:name=N4shwells + 2% ml


20 MOI: %filltext:name=siGFPwells% wells (%filltext:name=siGFPwells + 2%) %filltext:name=siGFPExcel% ul in %filltext:name=siGFPwells + 2% ml


20 MOI: %filltext:name=βgawells% wells (%filltext:name=βgawells + 2%) %filltext:name=βgalExcel% ul in %filltext:name=βgalwells + 2% ml


20 MOI: %filltext:name=N4OEwells% wells (%filltext:name=N4OEwells + 2%) %filltext:name=N4OEExcel% ul in %filltext:name=N4OEwells + 2% ml

Thanks to everyone who entered. All the TextExpander touch codes have been sent to their winners so check your mailboxes.